VOP Issue 7:台灣攝影書特輯 Taiwan Photobook Issue

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Voices of Photography 攝影之聲
Issue 7:台灣攝影書特輯
Taiwan Photobook Issue

作為台灣少數持續關注攝影閱讀的獨立刊物,《攝影之聲》在這期特輯裡,將攝影的重要表現媒介 ——「書本」作為主角,論辯當代攝影書在台灣的存在位置與價值,試著為這座擁有24小時書店的閱讀之島,重新定位攝影書的理解座標。


在攝影書特輯中,我們邀集台灣資深影像工作者、藝術家與評論人——張照堂、郭力昕、全會華、林盟山、吳嘉寶——分享他們的攝影閱讀思考、評選他們心中最佳的五本台灣攝影書;同時專訪致力於攝影出版的攝影家沈昭良和《台灣攝影季刊》創辦人蕭永盛,並與年輕創作者申佩玉和nos : books對話,探查他們的出版經驗與想像。藝評人張世倫則以專文論述早年來台宣教的美籍神父傅良圃於1959年出版的《The Face of Taiwan》攝影集,深刻剖析台灣在冷戰時期,攝影與政治的歷史軌跡。此外,本期我們也邀請攝影學者顧錚評選中國攝影書;並專訪美國「獨立攝影書庫」創辦人Larissa Leclair,分享她眼中的當代攝影書出版景觀。

而這期的Artist’s Showcase,一探極具實驗風格、橫跨攝影、動畫、裝置的台灣藝術家高重黎的創作歷程與視覺觀點。我們也訪問了東京都寫真美術館現任首席策展人笠原美智子與資深策展人金子隆一,解析美術館的經營、典藏與策展概念;以及香港國際攝影節策展人黎健強,談香港的攝影發展現況觀察。

An important medium to present photography—books— takes the centre of the stage in this pioneer Special Issue of VOP. As one of the few independent publications in Taiwan that heeds photography literature, we shall explore the place and value of existence of contemporary photobooks in Taiwan, where 24h bookstores and the habit of reading is deeply rooted in the lifestyles of people, and try to redefine the markers with which people have been using to interpret these books.

The history of photobooks in Taiwan can be traced to the 19th century. The purposes of these books varied; some were images documented by foreign missionaries and photographers who came to Taiwan to survey and explore, others were “Shashin-chos" (“photo albums” in Japanese) published during the Japanese colonial period to showcase economic and political results or to introduce places and cultures in Taiwan; nowadays, photobooks even became a form of artistic creation and expression. As publishing and concepts about photography evolved, photobooks now exist beyond visual documents of the photographer or historical records of the society– they are also independent narratives, as well as fruits of the artists’ visual thinking processes.

In this issue, we invite experienced photographers, artists and critiques — Chang Chao-Tang, Kuo Li-Hsin, Suan Hooi-Wah, Lin Meng-Shan, Wu Jia-Bao — to share their book lists, and to choose the top five titles which they think are the best in Taiwan. Besides special interviews with photographer Shen Chao-Liang and the founder of Taiwan Photography Quarterly Hsiao Yong Seng, who are dedicated in their efforts in photography publications, we also dialogue with young artists like Son Ni and Shen Pei-Yu to understand their publishing experiences and visions. On top of that, art critique Shih-Lun Chang examines in his essay the photobook The Face of Taiwan, published by an Amercian missionary Fred Foley in 1959, and explores in detail the relics of the relationship between photography and politics during the Cold War era. In addition to featuring the photobooks in Taiwan, we also invite Professor Gu Zheng to pick out photobooks from China from an academic point of view, as well as Larissa Leclair, the founder of Indie Photobook Library, to share with us the outlook of contemporary photobook publishing.

The Artist’s Showcase explores Taiwanese artist Kao Chung-Li’s works, his experiences and his visual stands. His works are highly experimental and cover a wide range of media, including photography, animation and installation art. There is also an interview with experienced curators of Tokyo Metropolitan Museum of Photography, Michiko Kasahara、Ryuichi Kaneko, to understand the processes behind running an art museum, acquisition of artifacts and planning for exhibitions. Another interview is with Edwin Lai Kin Keung, curator of Hong Kong International Photo Festival, about his observations in the development of photography in Hong Kong.

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